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What Attendees Have Said about Frank’s Speaking:

“Frank did an AWESOME job on the vision board workshop. Well done, bud. You were “on”, yesterday.” George P.

“His energy was incredibly positive, he is very active and so funny!”   Noha G. 

“Great info.,  easy to understand concepts, very interesting and fun.”  Rabia P.

“Good balance of humour and audience involvement”  Peter S.

“Frank has incredible energy and draws the audience in! Loved it!” Cathy M.

“Frank, thanks for putting so much excellent preparation into, and  delivering your interactive presentation with such genuine enthusiasm .. It truly inspired me. It was the most valuable session that I have ever attended at a Meet-up event.
Thanks, Frank !”   Peter W.
“I’ve heard you speak at some other events, and they were terrific.” John M.
“A very informative evening!” Laura B.


Frank is an extremely accomplished speaker with 22 years of experience speaking and teaching others to speak.

He regularly speaks in the Greater Toronto  Area with  authenticity, expertise, passion and humor on  the following:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Relationships and Dating
  • Leadership Development


Frank does workshops and seminars through the following Meetups:

Raw and Exclusive Social Group:

North America’s Business Future:

The GTA Law of Attraction Group (Living With Abundance):’s Current Workshops: 

Life After 40 Singles Group:



Current Workshops/Seminars

Manifesting Your Perfect Partner 

    • Strategies to achieve and maintain flow in all activities
    • How to manage and maximize your attraction “radar”
    • Applying the emotional scale to supercharge your attraction patterns
    • Learning the 3 methods to feel good
    • Visualization strategies to effortlessly imagine and attract quality partners

Developping Your Leader Within

  •            No one is born a leader yet we are all called to lead
  •            Learn the 4 levels of leadership
  •            Understand the key distinctions between leadership and management

Vision Board Law of Attraction Workshop

  • How you can transform your all aspects of your life in 90 days!
  • 5 Unknown Powerful Secrets that will turbo-charge your attraction pattern
  • Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes people make with vision boards
  • Manifesting all you want in life; health, relationships, career and money

Law of Attraction Essentials Seminar

  • Essential concepts to apply the LoA in your life (career, relationships, money, health)
  • Identifying, managing and overwriting limiting thought patterns and beliefs
  • Mastering seeing the world from abundance
Frank is extremely flexible and can deliver workshops and seminars from 2 hours to 2 days and can customize the content to fit your particular organizational needs, objectives and budget.
Bring the an empowered, abundant, creative and motivated seminar to your organization today! Your team is worth it!