Masks Off!

Masks Off! is an interactive and meaningful social game experience.

It’s been designed to enhance and awaken human interaction, deep connection and pure social joy. All the exhilaration of a premiere game show, combined with the authenticity of real life. Imagine a group of people playfully and courageously exploring real connections to themselves and others in a spirited, meaningful and evolving way. An engaging and illuminating journey inspired by the very participants who take part.

Highlights of the Game:

  • Discover your strengths and deep desires
  • Explore and embrace the multiple realms of your life: career, relationships, leisure, etc…
  • Connect, socialize and build wonderful new friendships
  • Have fun, laugh and enjoy a great afternoon
We currently run a version of the game called “He Said She Said: Candid conversations with the opposite Sex”, run through the
“Life After 40″ Meetup Group,