‘Men’s Circles’

Frank (via 2BFRANK) Runs Weekly Men’s Circles both in person AND on GOTO Meeting (video conference).

Reclaim your mojo, reduce stress, contribute to support other men, make  friends and increase your life balance! The objective: Be a better version of yourself.

The essence of 2BFRANK men’s circles is really about mentoring and fathering each other.

It’s not too late to get the challenging, supporting and accountability that fathering/mentoring we need to grow up and to finally be the men we were meant to be. Then we can be the fathers, husbands, lovers, brothers, sons and leaders we want to be for our families, friends and spouses, but perhaps most importantly, For Ourselves!

The work we do in the circles is designed to help you to become that man. You can join one of our weekly Circles either live in person or on GoTo Meeting with men who have already made the commitment to be their best.

Truth is, that most (all?) of our close male friends have an incentive in keeping our friendship and maintaining what they receive out of our relationship, which is a sense of comfort and acceptance. These incentives gets in the way of accountability and genuine honesty, which are essential for growth.

To grow and be the BEST MAN YOU CAN BE, you need to be able to share openly and honestly with people who WON’Thave any bias or any preconceived opinions (and relationships) about/with you. You want an extraordinary life and are open to growth, you want to be challenged and supported. Or you simply want to talk and try something new and exciting.

Logistics:  Live in Toronto and/or Video conferencing with GoToMeeting EVERYWHERE! You will need a high speed internet connection, a video camera and a quiet place.


Currently, the following circles are available and may be open for your participation!

All times are Eastern Standard Time:

Mondays at 10PM:  2BFRANK Millenial Men’s Circle:  This HD Videoconference (GoToMeeting) circle is for men 20-30 years old looking for support, mentoring, adventure and camaraderie. The first 2 sessions are FREE then $5 a session (week). I’ve made them affordable for the young professional or student. Drop me an email for more information

Tuesdays at 9PM:  2BFRANK Men’s Circle:  This HD Videoconference (GoToMeeting) circle is for men 31-55 years old looking for support, mentoring, challenge, connection, business opportunities and friendship. The first 2 sessions are FREE then $20 a session (week).  Drop me an email for more information.

FALL 2012

We will be adding additional circles!