Coaching Testimonials

I am very glad that I hired Frank as my life coach about 6 months ago. His guidance and support have played an incredible role in my life journey  During the time that Frank has been my life coach, I have found my true self, my life purpose as well as the love of my life all by applying the techniques and practices Frank has made me aware of.  Frank has also helped me to realize that we we need to let go of control to gain control and make the best choices possible for ourselves. Everything else falls in to place.   Frank is a very talented and capable breakthrough coach and I highly recommend him to everyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life.

Rabia , Steel Industry VP

“I was just about prepared to surrender to a safe life of mediocrity, when I reached out to Frank for some help. In less than four months I quit the secure but dead-end job I’ve held for over decade, started my own consulting business, and completed my graduate degree. Now I feel I am destined for a great life – for great things! Thanks, Frank, for believing in me and, most of all, for helping me believe in myself!”


“I just got the call and have been promoted. I spoke with one of the interview board members who was on a previous board of mine and he said my interview really improved.  Your assistance was invaluable and I thank you very much!”

Richard, Staff Sergeant, RCMP                                                                                                                                         

“Frank you’re the best.  I don’t remember if I told you this but it bears repeating. Been in medical system since 30 years. I’ve seen so many doctors, wrongly diagnosed many times, gone for lots of tests, hospitals, extreme prescription withdrawals 16 times. To keep it short, “Live It!” and your seminar has done more for me than anything else in the last 20 years. Know words can express how relieved I feel when I get stuck with something and you take the time to shine your wisdom on me.”

Thank you.


“I was, in the past blind of the power of my own self. Mainly because I truly didn’t have the faith or belief that I was fully capable of creating my own life. I was raised with the mentally to work hard and be successful, but the problem was I wasn’t taught to explore what I wanted. Just over 8 weeks ago I began getting coached by Frank, an experience that was really out of the box for me . To discover the amazing work of mind power , law of attraction, inner world and outer world connection and the most exciting thing of all , learning that I have to ability to create my own reality.

Once I learned of these teachings with/from Frank I realized it’s not as foreign to me as I thought was. For example , my own natural self ,was in the past ,replacing negative thoughts with positive, verbally assuring my self that a situation will be successful, and visualizing what I want in life. But I didn’t know what these thoughts inside me were , what they were called , how to use them, and most importantly how powerful they truly are. After learning of these extraordinary teachings, it brought all the pieces together. It turned up the power to such a unbelievable level of ability in my self.

Now life is different:

  • I’ve readjusted my long term goals with things I LOVE and truly WANT
  • I only do things that make me feel so happy while doing them, and I strive to do them as much as I can
  • I dream BIG , visualize BIG and will live BIG

Life is such an amazing journey and HAPPINESS is one of the most important aspect of life.”

Kristi G., Hospitality Industry