Career Chameleon

Become a Career Chameleon!

The Career Chameleon: Thriving in the New Reality: A Roadmap for Career Change

Career Change is often fraught with worry, fear and apprehension. It doesn’t have to be! It can be a fun adventure of discovery and success.

In today’s economy and reality, career changes are a given whether they are chosen or pushed upon us (layoff, firing) . You need to be ready and maximize your effectiveness when the time comes!

Enjoy learning effective, fun and innovative real world tips and strategies to permanently improve your career transition now! Want to become an entrepreneur? This book will allow you to be authentic as your most brilliant career self!

Frank Maloney MBA, CPCC is an expert in the field as a veteran of over 40 career changes in 25 years and a small business owner. His experience as an executive recruiter for over a decade and 6 years as a Career Coach allows you to understand all the background intricacies of when and how to make a career transition, interviewing, the resume, negotiating better offers and pain-free networking!


  • When is it YOUR time to make a major career/job change? What are the signs? How to stay in control.
  • The career-crippling hidden costs of NOT making a career change!
  • Secrets to making your resume a powerful “Personal Marketing Document” that gets you the interview every time
  • The 5 elements of Natural Networking
  • The power of the referral interview!
  • Cover letters that get you the interview!
  • The 3 key elements of acing any interview revealed!
  • How to generate multiple job offers within 8 weeks!
  • Negotiating the job offer for 10% more with no additional risk!

A perfect career that fits your exact skills, needs and passions is awaiting you!

Take control of your career and begin thriving not next year, month but today!